A life-long learner. 

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Along with yoga & facilitation I love slippers, dancing with reckless abandon, outdoor adventures, curiosity, podcasts, social justice advocacy, being upside down, and striving daily in my word, thought and actions to make myself and my community stronger. Also, hammocks. I really love hammocks. If I could professionally hammock, I would.


I came to yoga through the difficult experience of losing my mother to cancer. The practice of yoga provided an incredible space for solace and healing to cope with the grief associated with this life transition. The practice changed my life and I quickly developed the deep desire to share this beautiful space of healing and joy with others in my community.  I enthusiastically believe in the inherent love and strength of all people and am confident the practice of yoga expands our capacity to release what no longer serves us while inspiring us to reveal our very best selves.

I have completed two, 200-hour teacher trainings: Life of an Urban Yogi with Tim Sullivan and The Craft of Teaching Yoga with Adrienne Kimberly plus an additional 300+ hours of yoga and facilitation trainings.