why facilitation?


Holding space for healing and transformation is an exquisite art form. In its Latin origin, the word facilitation translates to 'the act of making something easier.'  At its essence, effective facilitation is the act of making  individual and group transformation, easy. 

I am passionate about supporting teachers, educators, and trainers in gaining an understanding of key facilitation techniques to both intentionally craft curriculum and creatively facilitate that curriculum in the form of workshops, teacher training's, retreats, and other places you hold group space.

The emphasis of this engaging experiential coaching is to empower group leaders with the confidence, creativity, and tangible tools needed to help a group of learners reach their highest potential.

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Vision Board Social 2019 - Facilitating Work - Redmond, WA

Betsy Shilling Yoga - Testimonial - Facilitation Work



Betsy Shilling - E-RYT 500, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Certified

"After recently taking a handful of training's in Seattle,  LA, and New York,  I can say with confidence that the quality of the training Maria helped me to facilitate was FAR above industry standard. Maria helped give my training that edge and I feel confident and proud of my work in a way I haven't before. This is priceless! I learned so much that will translate into all my future offerings and I don't ever want to teach a new course without her feedback again. "

Haneen Ahmad - Individual & Family Therapist, MSW, LICSW 

"I've had the pleasure of watching Maria facilitate a wide variety of groups over the past decade. From outpatient groups with youth in recovery, facilitating master level courses on diversity, hosting grief workshops, running PTA meetings, organizing teacher staff training's, and leading yoga & empowerment workshops, Maria excels at connecting with people and creating the safe container to help people connect with each other. In addition to the many ways I've experienced Maria leading groups, she has also supported my own growth as a facilitator, leader and therapist. The highlight of facilitation coaching with Maria is  her ability to easily translate her insight and intuition regarding people and groups into a tangible skill set you can quickly use to enrich a therapeutic setting or group."

Haneen Ahmad - Therapist - Testimonial - Facilitation

Janette Casolary - Testimonial - Facilitation - Seattle, WA


Janette Casolary - Say Yes Retreats

"I'd been facilitating workshops, events and retreats for 4 years before working with Maria and she has been an absolute game changer in my world. I knew I wanted to level up my offerings and facilitation skills, but felt stuck on which direction to move and how to expand.  Before I hired her, I was worried that if I asked for feedback, I would receive criticism and when you're someone who pours their whole heart into their business, it can be hard to hear what you're doing wrong. What I received was nothing like that. The process ended up being so validating and uplifting. Maria is intuitive, heart-felt, resourceful and brilliant.  She took the time to get to know and feel into ME and my brand. She focused on my strengths, and when we talked about areas of growth, I was empowered with tools, suggestions and resources to help me deepen my work and my connection to self and to the incredible people I work with. Her work is where the tangible meets soul, where practical meet divine."