How does coming to class make you feel? Here's what students say...

Tatiana P - Theater Artist - Yoga Testimonial - Seattle, WA

"whole body, whole heart"

"I started coming to Maria's classes as a way to shut my mind completely off.  I was going through a transition, working various new jobs and constantly on my phone waiting for the next opportunity/check/rehearsal/whatever to come in. Each week was a game of Tetris, with more blocks piling up each day. Maria's Bliss classes became a place where all that stuff could just fade out. Her classes are so well crafted with a different experience each time (sometimes yin, sometimes restorative or nidra). You cannot help but feel the passion and compassion pour out of her. She's whole body, whole heart - the real deal."

- Tatiana P., Theater Artist (Seattle, WA)


"it grounds, it softens, it empowers"

"Maria’s Bohemian Bliss class was my very first encounter with restorative yoga and the practice has been an integral part of keeping my life balanced ever since. Maria's class is an incredible paradox that defies any ordinary yogic experience – it grounds, it softens, it empowers, and it awakens your entire soul in the most graceful, gentle, and compassionate way possible. Whether it’s a Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, or Nidra practice, Maria delivers a radical compassion to her students you just won’t find anywhere else. She's a truly magical spirit and talented instructor you need to meet."

- Carly D., Blog Founder/Curator (Seattle, WA)

Carly Dela Cruz - Yoga Testimonial - Seattle, WA
Laura Hughes - Yoga Testimonial

"Stretching yourself to grow and heal"

"Maria has helped me grow within my yoga practice through her intentional, heart-led approaches and her ability to craft an environment conducive to stretching yourself to grow and heal. Her preparedness, thoughtfulness, and graciousness in her role as a teacher and community-builder puts me at ease in her classes, and makes it easy for me to focus on my own body and breath. I'm never in better tune with my body as a yogi than when I'm flowing with Maria regularly, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to experience community in yoga and personal healing through growth."

Laura H., Traveling Podcast Host + Freelancer (Everywhere, USA)


"the weight of the world was temporarily lifted" 

"I have taken classes with Maria for a few years now and she is one of my favorite instructors of all time. Every class begins with a thoughtful intention, which guides the flow of the practice and truly helps the students connect. Her gentle assists, care, attention, and careful thought to her students' comfort make any class a truly wonderful experience. Maria's specialty - the "self-care" side of yoga (Restorative, Yin, Nidra, etc.) is not to be missed. I walk out of her restorative classes feeling 10 pounds lighter - like the weight of the world was temporarily lifted. You will not find a more compassionate soul or a better instructor. I could not recommend Maria enough."

- Janna R., Digital Operations Manager (Seattle, WA)

Janna Ramer - Yoga Testimonial - Seattle, WA
Kara B - Yoga Testimonial - Seattle, WA

"A new sense of bliss and energy"

"I am very lucky to have been able to begin my yoga practice with Maria, and I continue as one of her loyal students for multiple reasons. Maria’s classes always make everyone feel welcome, and you can always count on leaving with a new sense of bliss and energy. You can tell Maria is passionate about yoga and her students in all of her classes. Her style of teaching makes yogis of all levels feel comfortable yet challenged. I would highly recommend all yogis to attend a class or workshop from Maria!"

- Kara B., Digital Media Producer, iHeartMedia (Seattle WA)


"A true anchor point"

"I have been taking Maria's restorative yoga class for a few months now. It has been a true anchor point for me week, and helped me stay calm amidst a really stressful time in my life. The best part about being in Maria's class is that I (and I think each other student as well) feel truly cared for. Take Maria's classes--she is amazing."

- Anna C., Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Seattle WA)

Anna C - Yoga Testimonial - Seattle, WA